How does WordPress work?

WordPress is an open source blogging application as well as a commonly used CMS (Content Management System). This means a couple different things:

– It can be used as a simple blog by anyone. The admin panel that users can log into will allow them to posts various blogs and articles with ease. WordPress offers many different themes that are available for free through their website but for a custom design you’ll have to know WordPress web design in order to create the look and feel that you are hoping for.

– An entire website can be built on the WordPress platform because the application has the ability for the user to create new pages within their WordPress website. Although, this also requires the knowledge of HTML, PHP, and other coding languages. A custom WordPress design can be created by a professional designer/programmer and implemented throughout the website. Creating a website on WordPress still allows the client to add, edit, and remove the content that is within their pages.

What is content? And what is the content collection process?

 Content is all the text and images on your website. For WordPress websites the content collection process is still needed for static items (like the header, or any text that you won’t be changing). The content collection process begins when you’ve purchased a website with us. Your project is sent over to your project manager who then goes through and finds all the areas of your website that are going to need pictures and text from you. He/she then takes this and sends it over to you through an email that details everything you need to submit. In order for development of your website to begin all content must be received before we can start.

How long will it take for my custom WordPress web design to be complete?

Generally it takes around a month from order to your website going live. There are two main factors which can effect this. The first is how comprehensively you tell us what you are looking for thus saving us time asking you additional questions later on. The other is how many design revisions it takes until you’re 100% happy. Both these potential delays can be avoided by being as detailed as possible in your website brief.

What happens after my WordPress website is completed?

 After your WordPress website design is completed you will be set free into the world but you are always more than welcome to come back to us. We will also be able to help you with marketing the site. WordPress Design Pros will be forever standing behind our work and your business in case you ever need to call upon us again.

Do you accept credit cards? How can I pay?

We accept major credit cards through PayPal (paypal.com).

What is website hosting?

When your website is completed the files and pages need to be stored somewhere so that your customers can view the website. This is website hosting, your website files are stored on a server and when customers access your website i.e. www.yourdomain.co.uk the server then retrieves these files and displays the website to your customer. Website hosting is needed for any website that is visible on the internet.

Website hosting also includes your emails for your domain. So for example we handle emails such as info@yourdomain.co.uk or sales@yourdomain.co.uk, the hosting allows you to send and receive on these email accounts.

What is a content management system or CMS?

A content management system gives you the customer access to your website to be able to update the contents. If you were to try to update the website without this all you would see is code and you would need to learn how to edit this, but a content management system makes the process of updating your text easy and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. They often use a simple text editor to allow you to edit the text.

What if I don't like my design?

If you don’t like the design we will keep trying until we get it right. The only condition is that you don’t change what you have asked for once the design process starts. We’re sure you’ll think that’s fair enough.

Will my site show up on Google?

Yes. When your site is built we fully optimise it for Google. We’ll submit your site and it usually shows up on Google in just a few days.


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