Why choose a WordPress website?

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WordPress Websites

Six reasons why you should choose one


 1.  It is Open Source

WordPress is open-source software. There is an enormous developer community which means that whatever you want your WordPress website to do for you we will be able to make it happen.

From complete custom e-commerce solutions, to massive forums, dancing designs and CSS design wonders. WordPress can do it all and we can help you to create whatever vision you have for your website.

And because this is all built on the fundamental idea of separating the design of a website from the content, it means that you have much closer control over the final look, feel and functionality of your website.


2.  A Great Choice of Plugins and Themes

If you choose a WordPress Website then you don’t have to compromise on features.

There are over 25,000 Plugins that are available for WordPress and several thousand Themes, so you never have to compromise on the final functionality or look of your website.


3.  Cross-Platform Compatibility

These days it is not enough to only have a website that is viewable on your PC or Laptop.

It needs to look just as good on your customer’s iPad or iPhone, Android Handset or Tablet, because so many of your visitors are looking at your website using these mediums.

The good news is that out of the box you can make your WordPress website look great on all mobile phones, tablets and PCs.


4.  S.E.O Optimised

Everyone likes getting free web traffic from Google and with WordPress it is made easy to do so.

We can help to install special plugins and configurations which will mean that most of the On-Page Search Engine Optimisation heavy lifting has already been done for you by WordPress.

This means that you can concentrate on creating great content and let WordPress help you with the job of securing rankings on Google.


5.  Powerful

The days of WordPress simply being a blogging platform are long gone. It is now a finely tuned Content Management System (CMS).

This means that it can grow with your business, regardless of how big you get.

But, unlike many proprietary systems It is also upgraded incredibly frequently (for free).

Backup solutions, performance enhancements, integration with Google Analytics… These are all kept up to date so that you have many less things to think about.


6.  Simple!

What is the point of an adaptable, powerful website design solution if you don’t know how to use it?

The fact is that there is no point.

But WordPress is easy to use at the customer end for even the biggest technophobe. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can use WordPress.

It is designed for real people. Not eggheads!


A WordPress Website is easy, adaptable and powerful and could well be the perfect answer for your business.
Just have a look at these WordPress websites if you are not convinced –

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